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Today, the economy of Uzbekistan is undergoing active transformations, leading to an increase in business activity and, as a result, an increase in investment attractiveness - both for local and foreign investors.

By working with Batiskaf Consulting, the investor will receive a qualified and independent evaluation of the potential transaction from different angles and will be able to know for sure whether the project will be profitable or not.

Investment transaction support

Full range of services for investment project support: • Project selection and Due Diligence procedure is a qualified and independent evaluation of the investment project, • Market environment analysis, • Assistance in negotiations, • Preparation of the full package of documentation on the potential investment object, • Monitoring of the implementation of agreements.

Evaluation of the viability of the project, feasibility study

Feasibility study as an assessment of the viability and financial feasibility of a project is one of the most important documents for a new project. During the development,  project implementation options are compared in terms of their cost, timing and profitability. As a result of such an assessment, the customer (investor) can be sure that there is a demand for the product and the project will be profitable.

Selection and Formation of a Team

Building of the team, as well as the whole complex of work for hiring, developing of the basic business processes and the motivation system.

Development and introduction of technology

Service for manufacturing enterprises - recipe,  permission documents, training of personnel.

Express market analysis

Office research, based on the collection and analysis of secondary information on the market. Express market analysis is carried out according to a simplified scheme. The research is able to give a basic idea on the following issues: · the main competitors and their products, · the target audience, · the volume and capacity of the market, · the dynamics of the market, · possible niches.

Market research

Includes a full range of office and off-site work. The research is necessary if you are launching a new product, mastering a new sales market or simply working in a market with a high level of competition. It allows you to fully appreciate the dynamics of the development of competitors, all the risks of market conditions, to obtain data for building the most successful company strategy and to see the opportunities for the development of your business.

Search for a ready business

· Selection of the business object for redemption, Due Diligence procedure - qualified and independent evaluation of the project, · Preparation of the full package of documentation for the potential investment object, · Transaction control  · Monitoring of the implementation of agreements.

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