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You are an owner or a manager of a company that aspires to devote its time to its strategic development, but in reality you have to debug the operational processes every day?

  If the company has not fully adjusted its operational processes, has a revenue, but the profit does not match the plans, if you want to bring your business to a new level or find new niches - we are ready to help you!

Development of strategies (marketing, promotion, sales)

Complex development of strategies in various areas - sales, marketing, positioning, pricing, crisis situations, financial strategy. Implementation of the strategy together with the customer and demonstration of the first results


Comprehensive research of the company's economic activities, including financial accounting, performance audit of the main business processes, detection of problems and development zones

Financial management

Constructing cash flow management system of the organization in order to optimize the risks and maximize the benefits of effective strategic planning:
· evaluation of the financial condition
· financial planning and risk management
· management of capital structure, working capital and liquidity. With the help of competent application of financial management tools, such goals as increasing the company's profit, ensuring solvency, increasing investment attractiveness and liquidity are achieved.  

Management consulting, organizational development

Analysis of the work of the enterprise, development of: · a set of targeting and planning tools, · systems of motivation and control, · methods of information management for strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Automation of business processes and IT-consulting

The implementation of the software automated complex in conjunction with the new optimized rules for the implementation of standard procedures - to improve the efficiency of business processes and facilitate the analysis of the main trends of the company.

Optimization of business processes

Audit of the main business processes of the enterprise, analysis of efficiency. Development and implementation of measures to improve the formats of interaction between departments and employees. Organization of business processes on a very wide range of directions by the best experts in the country with relevant experience: logistics, warehouse, distribution, sales, supply, etc. Implementing optimized processes with the customer and demonstrating the first results.

Attracting an investor

Search and attraction of the investor, Transaction control, monitoring of the implementation of agreements.

Development of trade marks

This service includes not only the development of a trademark, but also the creation of a product in general that best fits the requirements of the market, the competent construction of the brand, the development of a system of communication with the consumer.

Market research

Includes a full range of office and off-site work. The research is necessary if you are launching a new product, mastering a new sales market or simply working in a market with a high level of competition. It allows you to fully appreciate the dynamics of the development of competitors, all the risks of market conditions, to obtain data for building the most successful company strategy and to see the opportunities for the development of your business.

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