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About us

Batiskaf Consulting LLC renders consulting services of a wide range, develops and introduces action-oriented strategies in collaboration with the customer.

Experts-consultants are industry practitioners - in particular, the best among top management or representatives of the business elite of Uzbekistan, who managed to solve specific tasks in this or related industry. There are experienced consultants-methodologists who work with them in the team.

Our mission

We develop the business of our clients, attracting the best specialists, who can solve the most difficult problems. Thanks to this, we contribute to the development of Uzbekistan's business and the development of the country's economy as a whole.

Values of the Company:

  • We are ready to face the great challenge for we are able to engage the best specialists. .

  • We will reach success only after our clients prosper.

HUMO Partners

HUMO Partners is a brand that joins together the group of 10 companies and 3 projects, which carry on business according to the general mission and values, building a system letting entrepreneurs get services to open and develop their business in one contact mode.

The group of the company includes such areas as:

· Uzbek-Chinese Trading House,

· International Business and Travel,

· CLG,

· «TechnoPlaza» Industrial Business Center,

· International Business and Technology Association,

· Western Production Technologies,

· Technoplaza Service Center,

· Ground Zero co-workings network, Ground Zero Business Accelerator

· Laboratory of Business,

· Meditech,

· GEN Uzbekistan,

· Batiskaf Consulting.