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  • 146, IBC Technoplaza, Temur Malik street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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  • Unique methodology
    Batiskaf Consulting developed unique  methodologies for primary diagnostics of the company, control of project implementation and selection of the best experts.
  • Flexibility
    We select the Team of Experts under criteria of your project. The team can be changed in the course of our work on the project. You can order services to the extent you need.
  • Practitioners
    Experts consultants in Batiskaf Consulting are not theoretical consultants, but industry practitioners who managed to increase profits or solve a specific problem in the related industry are the best among the top management or representatives of the business elite of Uzbekistan.
  • More possibilities
    Do not limit your dreams! With Batiskaf Consulting your business can do more!  
  • Guarantee of implementation
    The specialist develops a strategy, conducts training, and also implements it jointly with the management of the company-customer. We dedicate ourselves to the projects to get the best results!
The market of Uzbekistan is changing. The currency reform that took place in 2017 is just the first step, followed by a series of systemic transformations. Increase of business activity, growth of foreign investments, strengthening of competition. Yet today, the large foreign players are entering the market. There is every reason to expect, that marketing warfare is to begin.

With the development of a competitive environment, business will  invest more actively  in increasing labor productivity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Whoever starts acting first wins.

Batiskaf Consulting suggests to do this by attracting the best professionals and entrepreneurs to your business. 

We deliver consulting services of a wide range, develop and implement applied strategies in collaboration with the customer.

Expert consultants are represented by industry practitioners, specifically by the best representatives of top management or business elite of Uzbekistan, who managed to solve specific tasks in this or related industry. Experienced consultants-methodologists are engaged at work in one team with them.  Batiskaf Consulting  will not just develop a strategy, but also will implement it in the company and show you the first results.

Now you can entrust your business to the top-rank  specialists in the market of Uzbekistan!

Full immersion into your business!


Happy Nowruz!

Happy Nowruz!

Dear Friends! We congratulate you on the holiday of Nowruz!

Opening Ceremony, Part 2

Opening Ceremony, Part 2

         We continue the series of posts concerning the opening ceremony and the content of panel discussions!

The opening ceremony of Batiskaf Consulting!

The opening ceremony of Batiskaf Consulting!

In addition to the presentation of our services, there were many interesting things.